Shenzhen victpower Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a research and development, production, sales of lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries, charging device and finished power solutions for the integration of high-tech enterprises, while operating international brands of lithium ion batteries, UPS power and other import business. Wei Chong source technology is the main industry for the battery, the product is widely used in mobile communications products, notebook computers, digital cameras, video cameras, mobile DVD, electronic toys, lighting products and other fields.

Management system:victpower technology unswervingly implement the service to expand the market, quality and development of the quality policy, quality as the lifeblood of business survival and development. With Japan, South Korea and Europe and other countries and regions of the raw materials and imported electric core supply cooperation enterprises, and independent research and development of multi-functional, fast and accurate testing equipment, in the production of all battery parts, semi-finished products, finished 100% strict testing, to ensure that the quality of the product, the factory 100% qualified rate.

Marketing system:victpowet  of science and technology to adhere to the production of market oriented, firmly grasp the direction of market demand. Marketing Department of regular market analysis, promotion, exhibition planning, provide support and quickly occupied the market for the products; company under the Shenzhen sales center, Flextronics International Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd. (imported batteries and battery export business), South City Exhibition Center, Beijing office and Ministry of Malaysia international trade form of global radiation, sales system.

Development strategy: victpower  technology to adhere to the people-oriented, firmly believe that talent is the largest enterprise wealth". The company in strengthening research and development, improve their own conditions at the same time, efforts to achieve product diversification, continuous innovation. Companies continue to research and develop new products: high temperature battery, multi-function standby power, mobile power, etc..

Customer is God, Wei Chong source of science and technology has a profound understanding of the importance of service, and always adhere to the "customer benefits," the business purpose, adhere to the "24h" service principle, won the trust of the vast number of consumers. With suppliers and customers to win the interests of shareholders, employees, and the community to create efficient energy chain. Wei Chong source technology to pursue the construction, sharing, win-win business purposes.

In short, Wei Chong source technology to serve the strategic management, the full use of the advantages of the battery industry, to provide services to meet the needs of customers. In the "integrity, innovation, efficient" business philosophy, advanced manufacturing system, professional quality management team and meticulous quality control team to ensure the product technology leader and quality. Wei Chong source technology will be "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit" as our mission, and strive to become the best service for domestic and electronic services of the best.

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